IDeATe Lending Application

A mobile app for students, faculty, and facility members to access equipment rental system. The app allows users to easily check availability and rent equipment. 

Problem Statement:
University is not providing adequate system flow for the users that many people are missing opportunity in learning and utilizing provided resource from the institution.


As a partner with Rachel Kim, we wanted to create an end-to-end digital experience which enables efficient lending system by checking availability before physically visiting the lending booth and adding features to remind return date and contact information. We used research methods to further understand users’ hesitance for accessing the lending system and generate app design accordingly.


Spring 2018 
Partner: Rachel Kim
UXUI Design | Service Design | Adobe Xd 
Spring 2018 
Design, Prototyping, User Testing

UX Research Methods and Insights 

Part 1: Understanding the Problem Scope 

We scheduled for observation to understand users’ behavior around the problem space. We took notes from the employee at the lending booth and also the users of the system. Below are the summary of questions we addressed through research. 

  • Do students, professors, and other facility members satisfy with current CMU lending system? 

  • How often do students, professors, and other facility members use the system? 

  • What are some discomforting experiences while lending equipment from the lending booth? 

  • How do you feel about the current equipment lending system at CMU? 


Part 2: Understanding User Process

We surveyed people who are involved in the system, ranging from students to facility members. This process helped us to find out potential questions for in-depth interview. 


Part 3: Understanding User Needs 

We interviewed 6 people across Carnegie Mellon University campus to address our initial questions. Moreover, we scheduled for in-depth interview with active lending system users, dormant users, and the facilitators.


Key Insight

From the interview research, we figured out two types of users with different motivations and actions.

Type A: Active participant of renting system, using technology for projects or courses.
Type B: Seeks to experience and use technology for temporal use.  

General take aways

  1. There is a lot of uncertainty of the technology availability at lending places- whether it is already rented by someone or whether the lending booth does not equip the product you want.

  2. Current system of physical checking and returning causes issues of lateness and verification error.

  3. Lack of information on lending materials and the complicated instruction for material uses lead the avoidance on renting technology from users.


Journey Map - Define potential entry point (pain point)


Design Opportunity: Persona + Potential Scenario


User Flow Chart

The compelling issue of the current rental service of equipment provided for the users was the inconvenience and discomfort on the entire process including checking availability, using, and returning equipment.

To solve the problem, we designed app flow that allows users to easily check availability and receive product status reports through notifications through mobile.


Streamline Solution


Final Interface Design