First Aid Manual for highschool Athletes

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Fall 2018


Project Brief

To put the fun back in First-Aid Basics, I created first aid manual for high school athletes under the constraint given by the professor. I focused on reorganizing given information to be more identifiable for both help giver and patient when in an urgency.




E-book on ipad - Interactive Pages



Text content provided to the class was immense and organized in inconsistent manner. With my peers, we attempted to edit and reorganize the content by applying various kinds of guidance to the content.

First, we identified types of information in the content:
Do or Do Not behaviors
Contact information
Helpful medication and medical expertise
Direct note for specific symptoms or conditions


Building complex grid system

Based on the previous complex grid system, I created few templates and reorganized core contents by numbering steps and emphasizing required immediate action. However, this system lacked consistency among each spread and hard to distinguish the hierarchy.


Working within the constraints, I made final decisions and included illustrations and diagram that are helpful for the audience to quickly understand written material.

One time tested type family
Three color system (no tints or shades)
no photographic imagery.

Print - Full Pages


E-book on ipad - Full Pages