Bally Design Internship

During my summer internship at Bally Design, I had opportunity to work with the Bally Design UI team. While the team has a wide range of projects, I focused on creating UI/UX design for medicine compounding machine to enhance user workflow. I also created universal iconography and web layout for a manufacturing firm to reinforce user content experience.


Summer 2019 May—August
Stan Mamula
Mentor: Jenna Roush & Michael Laskowski

Skills: User Research, UI/UX design, Storyboarding, Wireframing
Interaction Design, Rapid Prototyping


01 Medical Vending Machine | Inventory system Design


Problem Statement

Pharmacy technicians work under stressful working environment; but, their work is not one of the high
paying jobs compared to their workload.



"How might we create inventory exploration workflow that reduces technicians' burden for an everyday procedure?"


Project Timeline

Screen Feature


Stakeholder Map + IA


Initial Flowchart


Paper Prototyping

Quick sketch on the user interface ideas using markers to indicate main interaction space on the screen. Main focus of the paper prototyping is brainstorming different routes to visualize defined flowchart.


Low-fi Wireframing

Wireframing UI screen iterations with Balsamiq by rule of thumb. Focusing on the information architecture and approximate scale of graphical element.


UI Screen Iterations

Interaction Exploration

Non-responsive icon navigation header

Animation_Header_Nav slider.gif

Responsive icon navigation header

Animation_Header_Nav slider_iconpop.gif

Discarding item by long press

A_Carousel_Discard Item_2.gif

Discarding item by slide-over

Animation_Carousel_Discard Item.gif

Final Presentation