UN SDG Goal Video

Adobe After Effects | Motion graphics | Storyboarding
Fall 2018

Project Brief

Building a strong concept and variation of storyboards were most significant process in this project. Creating video within the constraint of 1-minute was a push for students to present concise and clear message to the audience. In response to the 3.1 Sustainable Development Goal for 2030. I worked along with provided United Nations brand guidelines.


To begin, I researched the 2030 agenda for sustainable development by the United Nations. Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being caught my attention. Mainly I focused on, Goal 3.1: By 2030, reduce the global maternal mortality ratio to less than 70 per 100,000 live births.


I began to storyboard in a way that has a gradual build up by including the concept of blowing away candles for each birthday. Then, I asked the students and instructors to see if they understand the storyline. And writings in red refer to the comments they provided after looking into the second iteration of the storyboard.

For the final storyboard, I selected the essential scenes for building a storyline.

Critical Information

More than five million children still die before their 5th birthday each year.

  • Children born into poverty are almost twice as likely to die before the age of five as those from wealthier families.

  • Children of educated mothers — even mothers with only primary schooling — are more likely to survive than children of mothers with no education.

I focused on children born into poverty. In the world’s poorest countries, the child mortality rate is 29 times greater than in industrialized countries.

Primary cause: nutrition, water, sanitation facilities, access to essential health-care services, adequate shelter, education, and information.


I focused on delivering the message using simple, representative images with supporting texts. Thus I looked into various kinds of icons that illustrate an object in mind. Regarding animation, I used background color change to indicate different stages within the video and added motions to each symbol based on their purpose and use in real life.


Rhythm Analysis

Baffects.js | Adobe After Effects | Motion Graphic | Computational Design
Fall 2018


Project Brief

As a group, analyzing patterns from music videos and created abstract representations of them. We focused on the relation between parts from the original music video and abstract representation through building rule sets. Thinking beyond visible layers such as objects and their movement, we explored other layers such as emotion which takes place through the synthesis of several layers.

Music Video Analysis

To build rule sets for abstract representation, our group analyzed patterns from the music video. Video variables we looked into were time, setting, person presence, camera angle, music.


Building Pattern Rules

After analyzing, we decided to construct pattern rules by representing video variables through color, shapes, type of marks, type of shapes, density of marks, and movement.

Coding Background Pattern

Generated constant background pattern using Baffects.js which is a library adaptation in JavaScript for Adobe After Effects of the Processing language.