Airbnb Redesign

Airbnb is a system which people can schedule their trip, host travelers and plan their experience. Airbnb was Most installed travel App in September 2017 and users accessing from mobile app has only increased or at least remained the same since they launched the system.

Problem Statement:
Airbnb experience is not fully conveying its original concept “Belong Anywhere.”


Spring 2019 - 1 week
Independent Work
Skills: User Research, UX, Visual
Design, Prototyping, User Testing


UX Research Methods and Insights 

Part 1: Understanding the Problem Scope 

After setting up my challenge, I generated few questions that are helpful to initiate research direction.  

  • Do Airbnb users experience Airbnb’s effort to develop guest-friendly home? 

  • When does user come across the feeling of “home” and “belonging” during the experience? 

  • What are essential features to users when trying to find comfort in a place where it’s not their home? 

  • Can users describe their experience from scheduling their trip to entering the house in a mobile app? What was discomforting? Or what was convenient and satisfying features and why?  


Part 2: Understanding User Process and Needs   

To indicate my initial questions, I conducted in-depth interviews of 6 people who has some level of experience with Airbnb app. This process helped me to fully understand users’ challenges when interacting with the app.


Part 3: Key Findings 

  • Travelers did not have much issue booking for their trip but struggled to save information sent from the host through message feature.

  • Travelers feel disconnected to the experience “belong anywhere” especially when struggling to find information about the house.

  • Users without much experience with Airbnb are let down by the fact that individual hosts tend to have different instruction messages sent to them either through app or emails. Users often give up on reading a large chunk of instructions. 


Define Problem & Goal (Why Mobile App) 

Problem: Travelers often experience disconnected feelings because of inconsistent communication format with the host and home entrance process. Mobile app service can be improved to offer a tremendous opportunity to alleviate users’ struggle.


  • Create holistic experience which displays Airbnb’s motto: “Belong Anywhere.”

  • Improve the format of messaging feature or introduce a new way of delivering essential information to the travelers after the booking process.

  • Find a way to alleviate struggle when entering the house. Introduce a more user-friendly system to the travelers.  


Design Opportunity: Persona + Potential Scenario

User Flow

Current flow requires multiple thresholds to check all availability of the destination. After host sends travelers message, they can refer back missing information only by entering “detail information” and scrolling through a full range of information. 

A possible user flow I imagined displays a “Get to Know” tab from the beginning of the navigation process. New flow enhances the functionality of the app with more informative feature helping travelers to access desired information before the visit easily.